Innovation & Quality

Understanding the concept of Innovation involves the understanding of processes and activities which allow the development of innovative solutions in a systematic and structured way.

The goal is to anticipate market trends, predict the needs for customer service and constantly innovate by creating the foundation for new business areas, with products that bring increased value to the user.

We believe the attainment of these goals should not distract from the environment, workplace safety, human resources development and attention to society in general.

At Camozzi we firmly believe that the innovative process is most effective when applied on a continuous basis in collaboration with research, training, organizational and technological development, and under constant monitoring.

It is precisely for this reason the Camozzi Group have established the following divisions to manage respectively:

- Technological research & development (CRC-Camozzi Research Centre)
- Training (Camozzi Competence Centre, Innse-Berardi School)
- Optimization of processes and activities according to the "Lean Production" principles (CIS-Camozzi Innovation System)