Lean Philosophy

This philosophy applies to more than just the production system. Every activity and process across the company must have the same goal: to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

At Camozzi this is primarily achieved through the empowerment of staff at all levels. Each employee has the ability to monitor and stop their production process if a manufacturing defect occurs so that immediate corrective measures can be taken. Any warnings are then displayed in real time by the quality department on a centralized control system.

The Camozzi management system is also characterized by Just in Time (JIT) techniques, whereby each process only produces what is needed to supply the next process. This takes place at the exact moment that it is required (“what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount needed") which therefore helps to reduce waste and increase efficiency further.

The main production facility of the Camozzi Automation Division is organized in ‘work isles’ which are dedicated to producing individual products that have many possible variations therefore helping to  promote greater flexibility and speed.

This type of management is only possible when all functions and departments are involved, including the automated warehouses and internal mechanical departments which produce and maintain the tooling and other required equipment.