Camozzi Research Center

The Camozzi Research Centre (CRC) is a strategic division of the Camozzi Group which manages and promotes the Research and Innovation activities of the member companies.

The CRC analyses new technologies and potential business opportunities applicable to the Group’s target industries.
Technologies are monitored and preliminary technical and economic evaluations are made from the opportunities identified. This monitoring of new technologies and emerging industrial processes is essential in our bid to maintain our technological edge over competing emerging countries.

Research programs are developed in synergy with other departments within the Camozzi Group (Marketing, Technical Office & Product Management) through the definition of medium and long term technical development objectives that will further progress to projects with structured and detailed plans.
The CRC acts as the interface with other external public and private research institutions. For example, there are close working relationships with several leading Universities as well as many national and international research centres with the acquired knowledge then being shared within the Group.

The secret of the Camozzi Group’s success is its ability to innovate by translating ideas into products and services which are valued by the market. This success is also dependent on being able to protect this know how and any competitive advantage gained against counterfeiting and other abuse. The CRC supports the Group companies in this area from the earliest stages of solution analysis to the technical management of patent applications and the management of patents which have already been granted