Commitment to Sustainable Progress

We aim to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives through the continuous improvement of our environmental, economic, social and ethical performances.


A sustainable economy is one in which our resources are not used faster than nature can renew them and where benefits are shared equally with profitability being a product of thriving ecosystems and communities. The concept of sustainability has become a major driver for a new generation of products and processes and represents a powerful, emerging platform of innovation.


Environmental sustainability aims to use as few materials as possible whilst also reducing energy consumption and emissions during the production processes. At the same time our products can also help our customers to conserve resources and save energy.  An environmentally sustainable process considers the products total lifecycle and includes an analysis of the products environmental impact.

Social Responsability

Corporate social responsibility is a key factor of success when pursuing sustainable progress and is the way companies manage their businesses to produce an overall positive impact on society by following ethically and socially acceptable principles.

Ecoefficiency - sustainable Drivers

Climate protectionFuture technologies and Innovation
Renewable energy productionMechatronics and Miniaturization
Efficient use of energyEmbedded systems
Zero KM product cycleAlternative materials

Sustainable progress with climate protection. The management of climate change will become an important source of success in the future with the carbon footprint over a products lifecycle also helping to contribute to a highly competitive market position..

We power production with sun. We are proud of the fact that our main production plant uses energy generated by the sun through a state of the art photovoltaic (solar) energy system therefore helping to move us in the right direction environmentally.

Vertical Integration Philosophy. We also believe in the philosophy of vertical integration where our products are manufactured using local suppliers, wherever possible, to minimize transportation time and costs

Sustainable progress with future technology

R&D examples:

- K8 micro solenoid valve
- K8P micro proportional pressure regulator
- F series light weight – highly compact valve islands
- LR series proportional flow control valves


Energy efficiency:

It is possible to reduce energy consumption  by as much as 30% through a combination of:

- Efficient components and system installations
- Optimized usage of automation
- Monitoring & Maintenance