C_Electrics: the new Camozzi division that expands the scope of solutions for the industrial automation




At Camozzi we are well aware that every application in the industrial automation sector has different and very specific requirements.

In order to be able to satisfy all clients, we have expanded our technological offerings by creating C_Electrics, the new division that is dedicated to the development of electric actuation, proposing solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors and accessory components, combined in configurable systems.

The objective of Camozzi is to supply products and software tools that support the user through their decision-making and afterwards, through installation and maintenance.

For this purpose, we developed QSet, an extremely intuitive and efficient configuration software, that is able to create a program for the positioning and control of cylinders and axes based on the requirements of the application in terms of load, speed, and accelerations requested.




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