Life Science

Life Science

The Market

In the medical products industry, the so-called "Health products industry" is one of the most vital and dynamic sectors of the world’s economy.

Revenues from sales of these products were estimated at 290 billion dollars in 2009 with expectations of up to 490 billion dollars by 2016, as a result of an annual increase of 7%.
This is a market where the technology is constantly evolving as demand for efficient and sophisticated medical machinery and equipment continues to grow. 

Consequently, the sales of components and devices for the "Life sciences" market applied in the most significant segments as bioinstrumentation, dental units, medical equipment for hospitals, clinical chemistry, chromatography, molecular analysis, biopharma  and oxygen therapy, are estimated to grow in excess of 7 billion dollars in 2016.
An important role in the next wave of growth of the life sciences market is delegated expected from the economies of the emerging countries such as China, Brazil and India. Medical equipments requires fluid control components wich use highly innovative technologies, one of which is microfluidics, whose market has grown by more than 20% over the last 5 years.


The life sciences industry requires solenoid valves that are not limited to simple on/off control but which are able to offer a proportional function.

Often we are required  to develop a project for a new component or device that meets the needs of the customers who are demanding a specific solution which has not been encountered yet , this can sometimes be revolutionary with respect to an existing system.

The reliability of the components is crucial as they are always applied in a field of high risk.

These new integrated systems will also increasingly encompass the principals of fluid dynamics, electronics, chemistry, physics and micromechanics.


The development of new miniaturized components and solenoid valves enable customized solutions, particularly where devices with very reduced dimensions are required.

This can be implemented by Camozzi, using many different types of materials in order to make the solenoid valves compatible with and suitable for any kind of liquid or gaseous fluid.

The Camozzi Research Center continues its research in order to offer more  innovative solenoid valves which ensure even better performance.

Camozzi components relating to this particular field are designed with a focus on performance and optimization of dimensions.