Packing with a full world of materials

The Market

The global packaging industry is worth approximately $500 Billion and can be divided into 4 main sectors depending on the material used:

The most significant sectors, paper/cardboard and plastics account for 70% of the global market and are characterized by their extremely competitive nature.

The packaging industry serves a wide range of markets and applications, however, the biggest user of packaging materials and technology is the food and beverage industry which accounts for up to 60% of all packaging and packing applications.

These markets tend to be stable rather than cyclical with steady growth which makes them particularly attractive markets to serve.



Automation is a key source of competitive advantage in the packaging business and machines which are highly automated are attractive to the market as they can improve productivity and optimize production costs.
However, any gain in efficiency must be balanced against potential downtime due to any kind of machinery failure.
Therefore automation solutions must be technically innovative whilst at the same time being easily maintainable and repairable.



Camozzi has a comprehensive range of components and solutions suitable for the packaging and packing industry.
A full range of support services are also available so that the best solution in terms of performance, safety, security and efficiency is always offered.