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Plastics & Rubber

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The Market

The components used in machinery within the plastics industry are subject to a wide array of mechanical stresses, whilst advanced material treatments such as high precision milling, advanced surface technology and heat treatments have evolved to give maximum product performance.

Despite a high degree of automation a human presence is still required at critical stages in the production process and the conditions under which products are made are becoming increasingly significant to customers.

The manufacturers of plastics and rubber machinery have helped ensure that the machinery produced contributes to safer working conditions while sustaining high levels of productivity.


Energy: in response to steadily increasing energy prices the industry is developing machinery which reduces energy consumption by up to 50% through the use of new design concepts.

Quality: New generations of machinery enable the end customer to produce parts of the highest quality as these high performance solutions guarantee precision and reliability.

Reliability: Control is achieved using fieldbus technologies with machines having interface points enabling diagnostics and support remotely via the internet.

Cost: This new generation of machinery is providing a combination of high output, reliability and low energy consumption at an attractive price/ performance ratio.


Our focus on miniaturisation and mechatronic integration ensures we can offer application-orientated solutions for the plastics and rubber industry.