Printing and Paper

Printing and Paper

Challenging the world of digital media.

The Market

Many products derive from the paper industry:
• a paper sheet  becomes a newspaper, a magazine, a book, an exercise book, etc. to a sheet that becomes valuable for what it represents, like banknotes, cheques, tickets, receipts, securities, etc.

• packaging: from primary and secondary packaging like bags for food or other products, envelopes, wrapping paper, candy wrappers, bags for pharmaceutical products, gift wrapping paper, to secondary and tertiary packaging like cardboard.

• cleaning and hygiene: toilet paper, handkerchiefs, napkins, kitchen paper, etc. (Tissue)

• other applications: wall paper, labels, laminated paper, sand paper.

In order to print on paper, and not only, the Printing Industry has developed increasingly more innovative technologies over the years, that range from rotogravure printing, to inkjet printing, up to 3D printing. 



The need to increase the production of paper contributed to the development of machineries and techniques to speed up their preparation, focusing on robustness, speed, reliability and resistance to chemical agents present in paper mills.

In the transformation phase of paper, the trend is to develop ever more flexible systems, in terms of changing format, size, etc. trying to reduce dimensions while guaranteeing a high productive efficiency. The efficiency of production machineries represents a parameter of performances, which is essential when it regards the production of printed films, tissue paper, etc. The products with major efficiencies, benefit from reduced costs and a competitive advantage.

All this regards the market of Western countries, while in the emerging countries, where the cost of labor is much lower, machineries are requested with hardly any automation, a good printing quality, but above all contained costs.



The continuous research for efficiency, trying to reduce tears of the sheet to a minimum during converting and reducing machine downtime, make  the Printing & Paper industry a sector in continuous development.

Thanks to the development of more advanced technologies, today Camozzi is able to offer a complete range of components, characterized by precision and flexibility, from valve islands to serial modules able to manage 64 I/O signals, up to proportional servo valves realized with patented systems based upon a rotating spool for the control of flow, pressure and position, with integrated electronics, up to high sensitive cylinders and pressure regulators.