Textile Machinery

Textile Machinery

The Market

The textile machine industry is a complex industry which requires substantial investment in research, as well as  extensive experience, expertise and knowledge in textiles, mechanics and electronics. As a consequence, there are few countries in this sector able to produce machines which are of a sufficiently high technological level.

Today, Italy is the third largest manufacturer in the world of textile machinery and the technological level of its production is considered to be of the highest standard.


The "Sustainable Technologies" project organized by ACIMIT aims to develop themes considered to be key points for the industry, from the  perspective of eco-sustainable development. The project promotes issues related to the intelligent management of energy, water resources and chemicals in textile machines.

Research in the field of textile never stops, with the latest frontier  being  nanotechnology that uses silver nanostructured micro particles. When applied to the sportswear sector, this technique eliminates bacteria together with odours.
All of this is achievable without the use of polluting chemical bactericides which are potentially toxic to the body and without other aggressive cleaning agents.

Ecological clothing extends beyond the use of natural raw materials (cotton, linen, hemp, jute, silk and wool) to include dyes that are not synthetic or pollutants as well as also considering the machining and finishing used.

Moreover, it can come from recycled material and from local artisan production, which have less impact on the environment. (Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” of 03.02.2012).



Our mission is to supply our customers in the textile sector with quality products at competitive price in a reliable manner.

Commitment to our customers is inflexible. We strive to constantly exceed their expectations, whether it regards quickly responding to their needs or maintaining our flexibility in an ever-changing market to provide high quality products at a fair price.

Every solution provided benefits from Italian quality.