Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking Machinery

Wood as a material for life


The Market

Wood is an essential material nowadays with its characteristics making it one of the most commonly used materials on the planet.

In our country it is considered one of the engines of "Made in Italy", and exported around the world.

Nowadays the demand for  eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions have let to an increased demand for recycled wood products such as fibre panels (chipboard.)

Increasing global demand for wood, wood products and consequently woodworking machinery has resulted in a significant expansion all over the world, especially  evident in areas such as China, India, Brazil and large areas of Europe.



Woodworking machinery is typically highly automated. The latest trends focus on the optimization of cost and time, emphasizing the optimization of machine cycle time and reduction of downtime of machinery.

Given the competitiveness of this industry we are often faced with solutions that are submitted to continuous work cycles, where reliability is a prerequisite.

To achieve all of this, machine manufacturers have periodically taken conflicting decisions, in some cases for example valve islands with  integrated fieldbus modules have been chosen, optimizing handling and reducing wiring time.

In other cases, favouring cost optimization regarding components (mainly on machines with a lower level of technology), individual control valves have been the preferred option.



Machines used for processing wood are constantly evolving and their functions are of a high technical input .

Speed has become a key feature of these machines, to obtain the most in the least amount of time, they are able to perform group multiple operations in a single machine or directly in a single function.

Camozzi, by virtue of its historical presence in the sector and of its close collaboration with market leaders,  can offer a wide range of flexible solutions, such as optimizing the entire system, and simplifying the wiring as well as reducing the dimensions which is obtained by realizing pre-assembled panels.