Camozzi Harnesses the Power of Technology

Within the Camozzi Group technology enables the design, optimization and manufacture of complex products which integrate intelligent and mechanical functions.

Technology means Competence.

In order to deliver excellent service, expertise in the following areas is required: mechatronic manufacturing; electronic design and fabrication; polymer material design and processing as well as a whole range of other general production skills.  Success is also dependent on individuals with specialized skills and the ability to think laterally so that these technologies can be made to work together.

Technology enables us to serve multiple markets.

The Camozzi technology roadmap represents our future vision and defines the technological capabilities which will be developed so that customers needs continue to be met.
The great challenge for our roadmap is to ensure it evolves with time to reflect anticipated market requirements.

Technology means adding value to Innovation.

In the global economy companies must enhance their capability to develop technology thereby enabling them to continuously create additional customer value. For producers of automation components this means making further advancements in mechatronics, electronics and fluid power solutions as demand for such technologies is anticipated to grow over future decades. The strategy of the Camozzi Automation business unit is firmly focused on technology planning and development so that new opportunities continue to be created.


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