Proportional Technology


Intelligent use of air.

The increasing demand for components and systems which have greater accuracy, flexibility and motion control is being met by pneumatic servo systems with embedded electronics.

Camozzi’s proportional technology enables the control of air pressure and flow in a quick and precise way so that the cycle times of production machinery can be reduced whilst also utilizing less compressed air leading to a saving in energy.

These basic advantages are achieved by the integration of electronic control functions and sensors directly into individual components. Proportional technology and intelligent pneumatics clearly have an important role to play in the future world of automation solutions.

Camozzi is able to offer the following technologies for proportional air control:

PWM technology - Proportional Pressure Control with Pulse Width Modulation

Poppet technology – Directly operated flow control valves

Linear spool technology – Proportional flow control valves using metal to metal linear spool systems

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